Flag strings as obsolete or to verify

By Edouard on April 12, 2012

One very useful feature in WebTranslateIt is that updating the source text of a segment automatically flag its related translations as to verify.

I find this feature really useful, because if you slightly change the sense of a phrase, chances are that the translations need to reviewed by a translator to be slightly changed or completely reworked.

Another useful feature is that uploading a new version of a file which removed some segments flag the missing segments as obsolete. This is equivalent of moving segments to the trash, although these translations are still available for the translation memory.

Until now, it wasn’t possible to manually flag a translation as to verify or manually flag a segment as obsolete. These statuses were automatically set by the system.

It is now possible to do so from the web interface.

When you click on the options button (the cog next to each segment), two new options are available: Obsolete segment and Flag translation as to verify.

Do you have a string you plan to remove? Flag it as obsolete. Is a translation too long or seem to have a typo? Flag it as to verify and leave a comment to let your translators check it again.

I hope you will find this feature useful. Thank you for using WebTranslateIt.