web_translate_it rubygem v2.0.0 released

By Edouard on April 24, 2012

I just released a new version of the web_translate_it gem, the open-source synchronization tool for Web Translate It.

This version 2.0.0 is a major new version. It includes many improvements and bug fixes.

Improvements to the String, Translation, Term and TermTranslation libraries

The String, Translation, Term and TermTranslation libraries you can use to manipulate segments and TermBase terms from a ruby script have been rewritten. The new ruby API is much easier to use. Here’s an example showing how easy it is to use and what it can do.


Other Improvements

  • wti add can now lets you know if there are no new files to be added. A bug happening with version of ruby < 1.9 was fixed.

  • wti addlocale now lets you create a master locale if none is setup on your project.

  • wti init is more helpful for beginners

Install or Upgrade

Important: This major upgrade contains breaking changes if you used the String and Translation ruby libraries or the Term and TermTranslation ruby libraries somewhere in your app. Changes are straightforward and should definitely improve the code. web_translate_it 2.0 doesn’t contain any other breaking changes.

To install web_translate_it, please refer to the gem documentation.

To upgrade web_translate_it to its latest version, type in a terminal: gem install web_translate_it.