New in WebTranslateIt: Project Activity Feeds

By Edouard on December 17, 2012

I just released a new feature to WebTranslateIt: Project Activity Feeds.

Project Activity Feeds are a great way to see what is happening on a project. All the actions happening on a project are logged and displayed on your project overview page, where you can easily see who did what, and why it happened.

By default, recurring actions are grouped by type and displayed as a short excerpt.

You can dive into the details by clicking on “See changes”.

Need to see what a colleague did on a project recently? You can filter the activity feed by user:

Click the user’s name to view her activity:

If you’re into RSS, Project activity feeds are also available as an Atom feed. Just click on the “Atom Feed” icon to get your project activity.

I hope you will find this new feature useful. Thank you for using WebTranslateIt.