Improvements to the Batch Operations

By Edouard on April 15, 2013

We just released a batch of improvements to the Batch Operations feature in WebTranslateIt.

Batch Operations is a feature on WebTranslateIt which lets you update a batch of segments in just a few clicks.

This new release focused on making it easier to run a new batch operation, as well as providing better feedback to the user.

Start a batch operation

We completely revamped the page to start a batch operation. It now lets you see how many segments and which segments will be updated by the batch operation.

New Batch Operation

If you select a batch operation updating translations, a third option lets you chose if you want to perform a batch operation in the current language or in all languages.

Mutlilingual Batch Operation

Batch Operation status

A progress bar now lets you see the status of each of you batch operations.

Progress bar batch operations

You can now see if your batch operation is currently running or has finished.

Review changes

After your batch operation has finished running a link invites you to review the changes made:

See changes

Your batch operations are now logged to your project Activity Feed:

See changes

You can also review the details of the changes:

Review changes

New filter: Filter by changes made a Batch Operation

But that’s not it. Now translation changes made via a batch operation appear as such in the translation history.

See changes

And translations are now filterable by “last edited via a batch operation” in the translation interface.

See changes

We hope you will find this improvement useful. Thank you for using WebTranslateIt.