10 new features and improvements released on WebTranslateIt last month

By Edouard on April 22, 2013

In case you missed it, we released 10 new features in the last month.

By order of importance, we released:

  1. a new visual identity for WebTranslateIt
  2. an update to the Batch Operations system.
  3. new filters for the translation interface: “segment type” and “last updated by”
  4. the ability for managers to edit the source text on the go
  5. a bunch of performance improvements, including a faster translation interface, instant statistics, instant suggestions and support for SPDY.
  6. support for CSV files
  7. the ability to perform operations in multiple locales, as well as autocompletion for the TermBase and we improved the interface when adding or updating segments.
  8. an update to the languages page
  9. a bookmark app on the Google Chrome store
  10. two new versions of the web_translate_it rubygem.