Translate your Ruby on Rails strings in context with i18n_viz and WebTranslateIt

By Edouard on May 1, 2013

Are you translating a Ruby on Rails application? Would you like to give your translations more context to the translations to your translators?

i18n_viz is a great rubygem for Ruby on Rails projects developed by Jakob Hilden from Railslove.

What does it do?

When translating a list of strings in a YAML files it can be rather difficult for translators to understand the meaning of a sentence, because of the lack of context.

i18n_viz is a rubygem that lets your browse your own Rails application and visualize and edit your strings in a ruby on rails project. Think of it as a reversed lookup for translations.

i18n_viz highlights your app’s translatable text and adds a tooltip containing the translation key which links to the translation key in your favourite online translation tool.

View this video in HD at Vimeo.

If you configure an online translation software like WebTranslateIt the tooltip becomes clickable and links directly to the segment on, where you can edit it.


The gem is well documented, so installing it is just a matter of following the instructions.