web_translate_it rubygem v2.1.6 released

By Edouard on August 28, 2013

We just released a new version of the web_translate_it gem, the open-source synchronization tool for Web Translate It.

wti synchronization tool


This new version fixes an issue with autofetch for Ruby on Rails projects.


This new version adds one new feature to the wti pull command. It now lets you specify a file path or a directory path to pull. For instance wti pull config/locales/javascripts/* will only pull the files located in the config/locales/javascripts directory.

$ wti pull config/locales/js/*
# Pulling files on WebTranslateIt
 config/locales/js/en.yml                           | 27443c4..27443c4  Skipped
 config/locales/js/fr.yml                           | f161bb9..f161bb9  Skipped
Pulled 2 files at 6 files/sec, using 1 threads.

Another improvement is that all commands now report the current project’s name. This is useful for larger projects spread accross different WebTranslateIt projects.

Install or Upgrade

To install web_translate_it, please refer to the gem documentation.

To upgrade web_translate_it to its latest version, type in a terminal: gem install web_translate_it.