6 new features you didn’t know about

By Edouard on March 12, 2014

We pushed quite a few new features to WebTranslateIt lately. Here are 6 new ones.

1. Easily insert typographic characters

We updated our translation text highlighter and it now allows copy and pasting all kinds of typographic characters (ellipsis, quotes, currently symbols) by just clicking on the character on the source text.

These characters are difficult to type for translators, so this should make it much easier.

2. View statistics in other units

The Language & Stats tab got more useful, too. You can now choose to view the list of segments in other units too: segments, words and characters.

3. Easily e-mail your people

On the Team page managers will now find a drop-down menu to send an e-mail to some of your users: all managers, all translation teams or translation teams with or without proofreading rights.

4. Close and resolve discussions

After a while it sometimes happens that comments on a discussion are not that useful or relevant. Sometimes a discussion is about an advice or an issue and future comments are “Thanks!” or “Me too!” comments. Sometimes it would be useful to lock the discussion to prevent these comments but still keep the discussion open because it is informative and useful. You can now do so by closing the discussion.

Other times the discussion isn’t relevant anymore. For instance it can refer to a typo which has since been fixed. You can then archive the discussion.

Archived discussions are not deleted but can be found under “deleted discussions”, a new resource category under deleted resources.

5. Empty deleted resources

Deleted resources such as files, locales, segments and discussions are actually kept for a little while on our servers and are recoverable in your project settings in case a user deleted something by mistake.

It is now possible to empty and delete forever these deleted resources.

6. Tweet buttons

Are you running an open project and crowdsourcing its translation? We’ve added Tweet buttons to the Top Translators page, so it is easier than ever to spread that translation spree.