6 new features you didn’t know about

By Edouard on May 21, 2014

We pushed quite a few new features and improvements to WebTranslateIt lately. Here are 6 new ones we hope you will like.

1. Search for a collaborator

It was hard to find someone if you had many collaborators on your organization. The collaborators page of your organization now lets you search people by name or e-mail address.

2. Faster People page and new Invitations Page

We improved the People page to make it faster and moved the invitations to a proper Invitations page.

The Invitations page lets you filter invitations by statuses: pending (waiting for the person to accept the invitation) or requested (waiting for you to accept the invitation proposal).

3. Improvements to the Home page

We improved the home page listing your projects and made it searchable. Also, you can now filter the list of projects by name of by activeness.

4. Global keyboard shortcut for search

With so many new search boxes we thought it would be a great idea to make the key s a global keyboard shortcut for search. Hitting the s key will now focus the cursor on the search box on the new home page, the Translation Interface, on the File manager, on the collaborators page and basically any search box that you can find on the site.

5. Have many labels?

We improved the labels feature for people using that feature extensively. The label list is now truncated and you can toggle the full list of labels by clicking on the ... button.

We also improved the interface to add new labels if you have many labels on your project.

6. Improvements under the hood, too

Don’t you feel the website snappier since a couple of weeks? We upgraded ruby, the programming language that powers WebTranslateIt.

We also upgraded our server. The new server is now equipped with 2 eight-core processors, 64GB of RAM and 4 super-fast SSD drives mounted as a RAID10 array.

I hope you will find these improvements useful. Thank you for using WebTranslateIt.