New features in WebTranslateIt: differences and reverts

By Edouard on November 20, 2014

We just added two new features to WebTranslateIt: diffs and reverts.


Diffs make it easier for translators to see what changed in a translation.

When translating a segment translators will now see a diff of the source text with the source text’s previous version.

We also added diffs in the string history, too. Clicking on any translation version in the history will reveal the difference between this version and the previous translation.

Clicking on the translation again will hide the diff and let you see the text.


We also added the ability to quickly revert to a previous translation version. You can do it on the history page of a segment by clicking on the “revert” link.

We hope you will find this new feature useful. Thank you for using WebTranslateIt.