TermBase Update

By Edouard on September 22, 2015

Today we released a new version of our TermBase. It includes new features, bug fixes and it is also easier to use.

Change the source language

One of the most requested feature about the TermBase was the ability to change the source language, just like it is possible to do on the Translation Interface.

This required us to completely change the way the TermBase was architected and then migrate all the TermBases to the new architecture and this is now done: the TermBase now works like on the translation interface.

You can now switch the source language to another language. This is useful if you want to translate your list of terms from another language than your source language.

A better user interface

We improved the user interface to make it easier to use. For instance it is easier to differentiate accepted words from suggestions. Accepted words are displayed using a larger text, while suggestions are in smaller text with a dotted underline.

Clicking on a suggestion or an accepted translation brings this modal window.

On this window you can review the term translation details, review who translated it and when, and vote the translation up or down. Translations with a note over 1 are accepted translations and these can are downgraded to suggestions if their note it drops under 1.

Many, many more features

A few of the new TermBase features include :

  • the ability to edit a translation or suggestion,
  • depending on your permissions, the ability to delete a translation or suggestion (it was previously only possible to vote down a translation),
  • the ability for each translation or suggestion to have their own part of speech and description,
  • the ability to attach a file to a translation (it was previously only possible to attach a file to a term).

If you wish to read more about WebTranslateIt’s TermBase you will find more information about it in our documentation.

I hope you will find these improvements useful. Thank you for using WebTranslateIt.