New in WebTranslateIt: Download and upload teams

By Edouard on February 25, 2016

We released a new feature for people sharing large teams across projects: the ability to download and upload teams.

In any projects, under the “Users” tab, managers will now find a new “Import and Export” sub-tab.

On that page you are able to download a .csv file of the whole team (project members and invitees, or either of them). The spreadsheet file you download lists all the useful information you need to contact or invite a member of your project to another project.

That .csv file can be edited, names can be added or removed, and you can upload that .csv file to another project to copy the whole team to another project.

Project members will be automatically invited to the new projects. Invitees will get a new invitation to the new project. Also, as a security measure it isn’t possible add a person as a member if she isn’t a collaborator to your organization already. You basically can’t make an unknown person a member out of the blue.

I hope you will find this new feature useful. Thank you for using WebTranslateIt.