7 new features in WebTranslateIt

By Edouard on February 16, 2016

Here are a few new features we released over the last few months on WebTranslateIt.

1. Kill a batch operation

Have you ever launched a batch operation and realized that maybe you shouldn’t have? You can now cancel a batch operation at any time from the batch operation controller. Just click on the “Abort batch operation” link.

2. WebHook Log

We know it’s sometimes hard to test your WebHooks endpoint, so we started logging WebHooks calls, as well as the response code returned. You can view all this information in the project settings, under “WebHooks”.

3. Atom feed improvements

We cleaned the Atom feed of the Activity feed. You will find it useful if you use a Atom feed reader which is a bit picky.

4. Webhooks now include a text field

The text field is a mandatory for Slack, so WebTranslateIt Webhooks can now be used to notify Slack of new translations.

5. Generate file with their hidden translations

By default WebTranslateIt generates files by replacing the hidden segments by the source text. There is now an option in the project settings so you can change this behavior and get files using the hidden translation instead.

6. Performance improvements on Batch Operations

We optimized the code of our Batch Operations so they should now run faster.

7. Improvements to the API

String API

  • We added the ability to do regex search for a segment using the String List endpoint (using the regex and ignore_case parameters.
  • We also added the ability to see file attachments on the String List and String Show endpoints.

File API

We added the ability to rename target files if you rename a Master file from the File Update endpoint (by using the rename_others parameter).