Machine Translation: Update to the Microsoft Azure Translator API

By Edouard on March 24, 2017

If you are using machine translation from Bing Translator, please note that Microsoft is deprecating its current Microsoft Translator API found on the Azure DataMarket in favor of a new Microsoft Translator Text API that you can find on the Azure Portal.

Starting on March 31st, the legacy Translator API won’t serve translations anymore. It means that in order to keep using translation suggestions from Microsoft Translator you will need to sign up to the Azure Portal and get a new API token. Old tokens aren’t compatible with the legacy implementation of Microsoft Azure Translator.

We released an update to WebTranslateIt to support the new Microsoft Translator API, so you can now use the new Microsoft Azure Translator credentials delivered on the Azure Portal with WebTranslateIt.

How to upgrade?

First, head over to WebTranslateIt’s documentation on Machine Translation to learn how to get your new Microsoft Azure Translator API credentials.

Once you have your new key, go to your project settings and paste it to the Microsoft Translator API field and that should be it.

Should you have any questions, please visit the support site and we will get right back to you.