New in WebTranslateIt : Language Inheritance

By Edouard on May 30, 2017

Today we just released a new feature in WebTranslateIt called Language Inheritance.

Language inheritance is only available to organizations on our new plans. It isn’t available to organizations on our “Legacy” plans.

Language inheritance lets you define a hierarchy in the languages of a project. It is useful because it lets you re-use and extend translations for languages having similarities, but yet are different.

For example, the French language is spoken in many countries: France, Belgium, Canada… Using this feature you could define a general language French with the fr language code on which you would save generic French translations.

French spoken in Canada is different from French spoken in France. You could then create a French (Canada) language with the fr-CA language code to write translations specific to the French language as spoken in Canada.

Using the inheritance feature, translations in fr will automatically fill in the translations in fr-CA, unless a specific translation in fr-CA is saved. It means you no longer have to manually fill in the fr-CA translations. You only need to correct the translations specific to fr-CA.

Visit our documentation to learn more about this new feature.