New in WebTranslateIt: Better Attributions

By Edouard on July 23, 2017

We made an update about how translation changes are attributed to people on WebTranslateIt.

Before this update, any translation change made was getting attributed to the name of the person making that change. While this is correct most of the time, it wasn’t right to say that a person translated a segment if the only thing that person did was flagging a translation as “to verify”.

From now on, instead of only tracking the person who made the last change, WebTranslateIt now tracks the name of the last translator and the name of the last proofreader and displays this information when you update a translation.

This change also now makes it possible to filter segments by last translator and last proofreader, which is useful if you want to check on the work translated by a specific translator. You will find these new filters in the filters section at the top of the translation interface.

We hope you will find these improvements useful. Thank you for using WebTranslateIt.

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