The Málaga Bike cycling team on the winner's podium

By Estelle on September 25, 2018

WebTranslateIt has started sponsoring Málaga Bike, a Málaga cycling team, a little bit more than a year ago and we are really proud to say that they have been doing really good this Summer in the Andalusian championships.

The team’s champions, Bruno Cuesta, Kini Muñoz Villodres and Victor Cardenas have been seen on the winner’s podium more than once and are breaking records!
Our dear Victor has been injured so couldn’t participate to all of the races and we wish him a prompt recovery.

One of the most sought after prices in Spanish competitions: the ham! At least that one is not gonna get all dusty on the mantel of your fireplace.

Congratulations to all of them, shall they keep up the good work!

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