New in WebTranslateIt: Updates to our Translation Interface

By Edouard on February 14, 2022

Hey guys,

We’re excited to announce that we’ve updated our user interface! Our users on G2 felt that it was a bit dated and we agreed with that so we’ve made the design more modern and improved usability - and we’ll keep on improving it in the next few months, little by little, so that you can get accustomed to the changes.

You can see the previous version of the translation interface here.

We have also made our buttons and menus bigger and easier to read.

You can see the previous version of the filters and menu

One very new thing is the new search bar which now combines the buttons to perform a regex search and a case-sensitive search inside the search bar. It is also larger so you can see more when searching for longer strings of text. This make the interface look sleeker and frees up some space on the interface header.

If you want to do a case-sensitive search, just type the text to search and click on the Aa icon. Regex search works the same way.

The old search bar can be seen here

We hope you will like these changes. Thanks for using WebTranslateIt!

PS: If you use WebTranslateIt we’d like to see some honest reviews on the SaaS review platforms, like G2, SaaSHub and GetApp

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