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By Edouard on March 10, 2022

Today we’re very happy to release an updated section to our documentation regarding File Formats.

We have been working several weeks on that update, and we internally find it quite useful, as it’s compiling information from all over internet about which language file formats can be used on which platform (meaning which software framework, programming language or ecosystem).

We also now have a new page showing our supported frameworks and programming languages.

Each programming language or framework page includes information about which language file format can be used on that platform, some links of interest including i18n libraries for that platform on GitHub, and some explanations on how to localize it.

Here for example is the page about Node.js, another one about Python, Laravel and Ruby on Rails.

As indicated on each page, let us know if you found an error or would like to submit a useful library for internationalizing a platform. We really value your feedback.

With that, thanks for reading!

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