Server migration completed

By Edouard on December 5, 2009

Following the server saga, the server migration worked without encountering any issues. Web Translate It’s service has been down for merely 20 minutes.

You should be properly directed to the new server by browsing If you are not, you should see this page which will give you detailed instructions to flush your DNS cache.

You will notice a speed boost when loading pages, especially for the slow pages such as the translation interface or the API.

The previous server was a dedicated server, with a single processor having one core, and 1GB or ram. We completely grew out of this server, especially with regards to memory consumption. The server was running the whole website and only 1 worker, used for import/export of your language files, as well as miscellaneous resource-intensive tasks such as project deletion, search engine indexing and e-mail sending.

The new server is a Virtual Private Server from Linode with two processors having four cores each, and also 1 GB of ram. Surprisingly, the faster processors have drastically reduced the server’s overall memory consumption: this server can now run the whole website, as well as 3 workers and still have a comfortable memory overhead. With 3 workers, you will never have to wait long for your import or export jobs to complete.

Also, the memory size is now extendable: if Web Translate It needs more memory, I can resize the server and instantly get more ram. No need to change server any longer.

I hope you will appreciate the increased speed and reliability it will provide.