Now is not the time to be neutral

By Estelle on March 8, 2022

As we all know, Western international institutions are taking severe economical measures in an attempt to paralyze Russia’s financial means and force them to back down and people from all over the world are donating money to charities helping out Ukrainians during this atrocious time.

Meanwhile in Russia, social networks are being censored by the government and independent journalists are being silenced by a draconian law adopted on the 4th of March that makes the publication of “false” or “mendacious” information about the Russian armed forces punishable by up to 15 years in prison. Russian people are being cut from the only access they had to unbiased sources of information about Russia’s raging war against Ukraine.

As a localization platform, we’ve always supported charity organizations that needed to reach out to a global audience by providing them our services for free. It is essential to global welfare that information regarding world poverty, conflicts, environmental matters circulate freely to raise awareness of what’s wrong in this world, who are the people trying to solve these issues and how the public can help out.
The thought of the Russian people losing access to essential information, information that should make them want to overthrow their leader, is unbearable.

From now on WebTranslateIt will donate to Reporters Without Borders the money earned every month with our Russian customers’ subscriptions, in the hope that they can support independent Russian media and convey the information the Russian people are entitled to.

Every gesture count. If you can, donate too.

The WebTranslateIt Crew

If you wish to learn more about Vladimir Putin’s motivation for launching an attack on Ukraine, here is an educational video made by Vox Media, an independent media group.