What’s new in WebTranslateIt — An October and November recap

By Edouard on November 15, 2022

Hi! I hope you’re having a productive week so far. We’ve been shipping several important updates to WebTranslateIt in the past month. We focussed our attention to code refactoring, improvements to existing features and performance improvements.

We have also released a new category on our blog: The Changelog, where you can see the nitty gritty details about the updates that we make. You can subscribe through the changelog’s atom feed. You can also read the changelog on the dashboard when you’re signed in. It’s a quick and easy way to keep you informed about our latest changes.

Here’s what has changed, by order of importance.

Faster Translation Suggestions

We’ve released an update to the Translation Suggestions system to make them load much faster. They are so fast actually, that we’ve simplified and removed all the loading system that used to work via background jobs. Enjoy a much better user experience when using translation suggestions.

More information: Faster Translation Suggestions

Faster File Updates

We released another round of improvements to our file generation system to make them much faster.

More information: Faster File Updates

Updated our YAML handler

Our YAML files are now generated with a new handler using libyaml. The file output will be different. Here is an example of the differences between our current YAMLer and the new YAMLer.

More information: Updated our YAML handler

Update to the word and character count system using Unicode’s text segmentation standard

This is a very deep change on how words and characters are counted in WebTranslateIt. The new system is more accurate, especially when counting words or characters in CJK language.

You can read more information:
- in our documentation about word counting
- or in the changelog entry.

Translation suggestions system improved

We improved the translation suggestions system for projects using Gettext PO files. Due to the nature of PO files, the source text is often blank and is populated by the key name, and this wasn’t picked up by the suggestions system. We updated our translation memory so that it also uses the text from the key names.

More information: Translation suggestions system improved

API Authentication Update

We’ve refactored how the API Authentication system works internally. The project and organization API keys are now prefixed with proj_readwrite and proj_readonly, for example. There is no need to update your integration.

More information: API Authentication Update

Project image charts updated

We replaced the charts system using the long deprecated Google Image Charts with one provided by quickcharts.io.

More information: Translation Charts Update

Removed low-priority import mode

It used to be possible to push a language file and set the import as a low priority. This was a nice thing to do in the early ages of WebTranslateIt when importing many files used to clog our import queue, but it doesn’t matter anymore so we removed that option and deprecated the command options on the wti client.

More information: https://webtranslateit.com/blog/posts/366-removed-low-priority-file-import-mode