New in Web Translate It: new API, updated plugin for Ruby on Rails

By Edouard on January 4, 2010

The API and on the Web Translate It plugin for Ruby on Rails. All of what follows use Web Translate It’s API which is only available on paying accounts.

API upgrade

The new API use a different URL and allow users to fetch their strings file by file. This is especially important for projects with several files to fetch their strings via the API.

The older API is deprecated, but will keep functioning indefinitely, so there is absolutely no need to update anything on your side if the endpoint you currently use works well for your project.

The other new feature is the ability to update a language file through the API. This can be really useful if you want to automatise the workflow between your project and Web Translate It.

What you do of it is entirely up to you. It could be used by a nightly or weekly task to upload an updated version of your master language file. This way new strings would be automatically added on Web Translate It.

For more information, I invite you to refer to the new API documentation for developers on Web Translate It.

Rails plugin upgrade

The plugin for integrating Web Translate It with Ruby on Rails projects has had a nice update today and now use the new API.

Once installed and set up, it allows you —if you want to— to sync the translations between your app with Web Translate It for every page requested. This is great for translators to test their work on a staging website.

It also comes with 3 rake tasks to help you manage your translations:

  • rake trans:fetch:all to fetch all your translations in all languages,
  • rake trans:fetch[fr_FR] to only fetch the french translations,
  • rake trans:upload[en] to send a new version of your language file to Web Translate It.

Grab it on Github if you haven’t already!

Thanks for using Web Translate It!