June and mid-July Status Update

By Edouard on July 13, 2009

Wow, how can it already be mid-July? We have been pretty busy refactoring Web Translate It and adding new features. Here is what we have been up to.

It feels like June went very quickly, and when we look back it seems we haven’t done much this month. The truth is that we have been working on some rather tricky features.

Gettext .po, Apple .strings, Rails .yml, you name it

Gettext .po is widely use, but we really wanted to support two other file formats: Apple .strings and Rails .yml. This is now implemented, which means you will be able to use Web Translate It to translate your Mac and iPhone applications, as well as Ruby on Rails websites! Along the way we refactored and improved our importer/exporter engines to be more abstract, so supporting more file formats will now be easy. We’re quite thrilled about this.

Import and Export jobs improvements

Remember our CPU-hungry processes we run as background jobs? They took a little while to perform, without any feedback. Not anymore: we thought giving our users a little bit of feedback wouldn’t hurt.

Also, downloading every single file one by one can quickly become unpleasant if your project is translated in lots of different languages. You can now download all your language files in a zip file containing all your language files.


The next release will be mainly focused on improving the interface usability, particularly the on the interface to assign jobs to your team, and invite other team members, which is rather cumbersome at the moment.

We will also improve our import/export engines a bit more. We will introduce support for plural forms in .po and .yml, which is a big piece of work.

What’s left after all this? We need to rework the translation interface: better interface for comments, code colorisation in translation forms, ability to filter strings by status, etc, and finally implement a payment system.

Once it will be completed it will be finally time to launch! We’re getting there.

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