New in Web Translate It: Improved Comments and String History

By Edouard on February 1, 2010

I just deployed a few improvements on the commenting system and on the string history page.

Improved Comments

On the project page

Comments on the project page are now grouped by thread, with the most recent comments on top.

Commenting on a string now creates a new “forum thread”, and viewing your comments and understanding how your project is going is much clearer.

But that’s not all: the comment’s status is also flagged for each thread: red if the thread has an answered question, blue if the thread has unread comments.

When you click on the link to read a comment, it will bring you to the comments section in the String History page, instead of on a specific comment page.

Comment your project

One new feature is the ability to comment on the project itself (as opposed as commenting on a string). When you click on “Post a comment” on the project page, a form appears.

This will be really useful to discuss about the projects without having to go to a third-party communication system.

Improved String History

The string history really needed some improvements. It just got more useful. It is now divided into 3 parts.

Latest translation

Which basically show you the latest translation made. From there, you can also translate and proofread the string.


A list of comments made on the string.


These are the changes in your translations over time. What’s new here is that the interface now displays the exact difference between the current version and the previous version. For example unproofread → proofread.

I hope you will enjoy this fresh round of improvements. Thank you for using Web Translate It!