Web Translate It client 1.6.2 released

By Edouard on April 1, 2010

I released the version 1.6.2 of the Web Translate It gem today. It is merely a bug fixes release. Here are the changes:

  • Compatibility with Ruby 1.9,
  • Ability to run the rake tasks when installed as a Rails plugin,
  • Fix a few crashes occurring when accessing a non-configured project.

What is the Web Translate It client?

The Web Translate It client is an open-source tool programmed in Ruby. It helps you sync your project’s language files with Web Translate It, and it’s a real life saver for projects with dozen of language files.

After installing the gem, it provides:

  • An executable, wti, that you can use to help sync any kind of projects (not only ruby projects), so long you have the ruby language installed (ruby is installed on most linux and Mac OS distributions nowadays). From your project directory, you can do wti push to send us your master language files, and wti pull to get your translated files.
  • A set of rake tasks and libraries you can build on top of. For example you can easily set it up to automatically update your language files as you request pages on your project.

To get it, follow the installation instructions on the Web Translate It page on Github.