Automate parts of your translation testing process

By Edouard on April 19, 2010

Now the File API is faster than ever, you should totally try out auto-fetch.

Auto-fetch allow you to automatically update your language files on your application when you refresh a page on your development or staging website (this is not suitable for production environment). Invite your translation team to access a staging website and they will be able to test their translations in context. Being able to test translations moments after having translated is an easy way to dramatically improve your translation’s quality.

If you have 2m30s to spare, watch this quick introductory video and you will immediately grok why and how it can help.

Introduction to “auto-fetch” from Édouard Brière on Vimeo.

(or watch it in HD at Vimeo)

If you are looking for manual synchronisation, but still want to allow your translators to refresh the language files without the help of developers, Tom Lea from also made a great open-source tool to download the latest translation from Web Translate It by just clicking a button: rack-webtranslateit.

You should definitely check it out if you don’t like to connect to Web Translate It for every page requested.

We encourage you to use and abuse of Web Translate It’s API, and to build great tools on top of it.