Now testing: Labels

By Edouard on June 17, 2010

I just released a new feature on I have been working on since a little while: labels.

Many Web Translate It users have been requesting the ability to assign priorities to strings (translate these ones first), or assign jobs to people, or flag a string as typo’d. Labels will allow you to do all that.

It is dead simple to use.

Click on the options button, hover “Add a label”, and click “New label”.

A modal window will appear and let you type the name of your label. For the sake of this example, let’s name it “prime”. “Prime” strings will be the strings I want my translators to translate first.

All good! Now the string has the label “prime”. You can add as many labels as you want.

Adding more “prime” strings is now really quick and easy. Just select “prime” in the list!

Of course, you can filter your strings by label.

Please note that labels is a feature specific to Web Translate It to help you optimise your translation workflow. Just like string statuses or comments ownership, we cannot export this information in your language files.

Enhancements will be made to this feature in the upcoming weeks, right off the bat:

  • Ability to assign a label when importing a file, to label strings that added in a release and monitor their translation progress,
  • Ability to assign a colour to a label,
  • Batch operation to label several strings at once.

I hope you will find labels useful, thank you for using Web Translate It.