New feature: En-masse strings labelling

By Edouard on June 29, 2010

I just released a small improvement to the labels feature introduced two weeks ago.

You can now label strings en-masse when updating a language file in the File Manager.

It will apply the label you named to all strings changed during the file update: new strings, amended strings and obsoleted strings.

This is really useful for flagging strings to translate to one software release.

The web_translate_it rubygem has been updated to integrate this feature, too. The new version includes a new option --label to label strings when you push.

wti push --label my_awesome_new_feature will update your files on Web Translate It, and label the strings changed during the push as “my_awesome_new_feature”.

Update the web_translate_it client to the newer version with gem install web_translate_it.