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Better support for i18next JSON files

Posted by Edouard on February 27, 2014

We’ve been improving our support for the excellent i18n javascript library i18next recently.

WebTranslateIt can now handle i18next’s plural forms:

  "ar": {
    "translation": {
      "key": "singular",
      "key_plural_0": "zero",
      "key_plural_2": "two",
      "key_plural_3": "few",
      "key_plural_11": "many",
      "key_plural_100": "plural"

Also, i18next’s variable placeholders should now be highlighted and their presence validated in the translation interface.

  "fr": {
    "ns.1": {
      "pluralTest": "singular",
      "pluralTest_plural": "plural",
      "pluralTestWithCount": "__count__item",
      "pluralTestWithCount_plural": "__count__items"

You can find more information about WebTranslateIt’s support for i18next JSON files in our documentation.