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Faster File API & direct file download in the File Manager

Posted by Edouard on April 15, 2010

I rolled out an important update to Web Translate It’s File API. The upgrade is transparent to the users, and no changes are necessary on your side. If anything, you will probably only notice that downloading language files is much faster.

Instead of only saving the translations in database and generating language files on the fly, Web Translate It now maintain in parallel a language file, always fresh and ready to be downloaded.

This is so much faster. For instance, if you miss the HTTP cache, downloading a 5,000 strings project used to take 25 seconds. It now takes less than a second.

Web Translate It’s business is growing, and almost all the hosted projects use the API, so it was critical to make the File API work cheaper and faster.

Direct downloads from the File Manager

Now we have these always fresh language files handy you can download your files directly in the File Manager. No more export procedure with the progress bar. It is much easier to use and will save you a few seconds.