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Support for HTML/XHTML, Microsoft .aspx, Markdown, Textile...

Posted by Edouard on May 12, 2010

Web Translate It now support a bunch of new file formats:

  • Microsoft .aspx, which really is decorated HTML,
  • Markdown (.md, .markdown),
  • Textile (.textile)

So we now support a grand total of 10 different file formats. That’s plenty!

  • Gettext .pot/.po,
  • Ruby .yml,
  • Java .properties,
  • Microsoft .resx (.net),
  • Microsoft .aspx,
  • PHP .ini,
  • Apple .strings,
  • Markdown .md, .markdown
  • Textile .textile
  • Plain text .txt

Do you need another language file format we don’t support? Let us know on our support forum, and we’ll implement it within days.