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    The same customer mentioned in the delimiter translation also mentioned:

    Additionally, Im not sure if this has to do with the “,” issue, after posting an item, when I click back to edit the listing. The number contains a period that represent the decimal. See below column 2, it shows ” 。” after 1000 on a $1000 listing. There’s no decimal in Chinese currency actually. Our minimum amount is 1 dollar.

    What do you think, team?

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    Hey team,

    A few more details from the user in question. They provided the following links as examples of how HKD (HK$) and NTD (NT$) is displayed in other marketplaces.

    NTD: https://shop.mango.com/tw

    HKD: https://shop.mango.com/hk

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    This key determines the cents separator.


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