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    Antti Virolainen

    Hi, I'm notifying the Vietnamese translators about the suggestion from Jubinell:

    "Hi guys, listing is "bài đăng". This is the convention used by Facebook among others. It is not "danh sách" (list)."

    I'll let the Vietnamese translators to dsicuss the best approach here, as I can't really comment which one is better. Hopefully this notification reaches everyone that is interested to discuss this.

    It's important to note that changing this would change this common term in all sites using Vietnamese, so it could confuse users. So changing decisions shouldn't be taken too lightly.


  1. About listing %{listing_title}
    About listing %{listing_title}

    About listing %{listing_title}

    changed by Antti Virolainen .
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  2. About listing %{listing_title}
    About listing %{listing_title}

    About listing %{listing_title}

    changed by Thomas Malbaux via a Batch Operation.
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  3. Giới thiệu danh sách %{listing_title}
    Giới thiệu danh sách %{listing_title}
    changed by Huyqdo138 .
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  4. Về bài đăng %{listing_title}
    Về bài đăng %{listing_title}
    changed by Jubinell .
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