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Tackling one of our most requested feature: Sorting Segments

Posted by Edouard on 30 de mayo de 2013

We just released a new feature to WebTranslateIt, and it was by far the most requested feature. You can now sort segments on the translation interface.

You will now find a new button on the translation interface which lets you sort the segments by different criteria.

By default, segments are sorted by context (which means that segments from the same file are all listed together), but you can also list segments by word count, which is really useful to detect wordy or bad copy on your software.

You can also sort segments by character count, number of discussions (which is great to detect complex segments or segments lacking context) and by date added. We’ll add other ways to sort segments based on your feedback.

Finally, we moved the link to browse the admin view in a new drop-down to the top-left corner of the translation interface which should let manager switch between the “classic” translation interface and the admin interface.

We really hope you will find this new feature useful. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any feedback.

New in WebTranslateIt: Concordance Search

Posted by Edouard on 07 de mayo de 2013

We just released an exciting new feature on WebTranslateIt: Concordance Search.

Concordance Search is useful for translators to search for a specific word in all of the source text in order to find out how a certain word has already been translated. Just like the Term Base and the Translation Memory, this feature helps to keep your translations consistent.

To use this feature, click on “Concordance Search” in the toolbar.

Concordance Search

This will bring the new Concordance Search menu, where you can search for a word or a phrase without leaving the page you are on.

Concordance Search

Then, type a word or sentence you’d like to search. “User” for instance. The concordance search bar will list all the segments which contain the word “User” in your Translation Memory.

Concordance Search

The greatest thing is that you can use this feature without leaving the translation interface. It was designed to search for a word while translating a segment.

Concordance Search

I hope you will find this feature useful. Thank you for using WebTranslateIt.

Showcasing public projects

Posted by Edouard on 01 de mayo de 2013

While WebTranslateIt’s focus is helping SME and large businesses to translate their software, we also help many open-source projects we believe in.

Among them we have Diaspora, TVShows, Prey and a few localization teams for Joomla.

Other projects crowdsource their translations. Storify is one of them, but there are many others.

If you’re a translator looking for projects to translate voluntarily, check out our new Public Projects page showcasing all the projects looking for volunteer translators.

Public projects on WebTranslateIt

It’s really easy to get started. On the Public Projects page, select a project you’re interested in contributing to, and then click on “Join the translation team”.

If you’re a project owner and would like your project listed on the Public Projects page, it’s super easy to do.

In your project settings, under “Access Control”, tick the checkbox “Project visible publicly”. This will make your project visible publicly and volunteer translators will be able to request an invitation to help you translate your project.

Project access control setting

Finally, we’ve added a Twitter button on all public project’s homepages, so it is now easier than ever to spread the word about your WebTranslateIt project on Twitter or by e-mail.

Public projects on WebTranslateIt

10 new features and improvements released on WebTranslateIt last month

Posted by Edouard on 22 de abril de 2013

In case you missed it, we released 10 new features in the last month.

By order of importance, we released:

  1. a new visual identity for WebTranslateIt
  2. an update to the Batch Operations system.
  3. new filters for the translation interface: “segment type” and “last updated by”
  4. the ability for managers to edit the source text on the go
  5. a bunch of performance improvements, including a faster translation interface, instant statistics, instant suggestions and support for SPDY.
  6. support for CSV files
  7. the ability to perform operations in multiple locales, as well as autocompletion for the TermBase and we improved the interface when adding or updating segments.
  8. an update to the languages page
  9. a bookmark app on the Google Chrome store
  10. two new versions of the web_translate_it rubygem.