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Better importers

Posted by Edouard on 30 de junio de 2010

Today we’re releasing a small, but very nice enhancement to the import system.

Welcoming useful error messages

The major improvement is that an import won’t fail without giving an explanation anymore.

Previously, when the importer encountered an error, it couldn’t differentiate between a failure due to a bad language file and a failure due a bug or system failure.

Here’s the new hotness:

If you import files containing syntax errors, the new importers will now let you know where. It’s really useful for debugging. Once you fix the issue you can upload the file again to successfully import it.

Better statuses

The new importing system is more transparent and verbose about what is going on: you know exactly what’s happening under the hood.

Waiting in queue


Extracting strings

Importing strings

Cleaning up


That’s about it! Note that if you have many files to synchronise or if you synchronise often, you’ll be better off using a specific tool for doing this task for you.

We made a synchronisation client for Web Translate It. It’s super-easy to install, it’s free and will save you a lot of time.

If you translate a website, check out how to automate your translation workflow using Web Translate It.