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New in WebTranslateIt: Concordance Search

Posted by Edouard on 7 mai 2013

We just released an exciting new feature on WebTranslateIt: Concordance Search.

Concordance Search is useful for translators to search for a specific word in all of the source text in order to find out how a certain word has already been translated. Just like the Term Base and the Translation Memory, this feature helps to keep your translations consistent.

To use this feature, click on “Concordance Search” in the toolbar.

Concordance Search

This will bring the new Concordance Search menu, where you can search for a word or a phrase without leaving the page you are on.

Concordance Search

Then, type a word or sentence you’d like to search. “User” for instance. The concordance search bar will list all the segments which contain the word “User” in your Translation Memory.

Concordance Search

The greatest thing is that you can use this feature without leaving the translation interface. It was designed to search for a word while translating a segment.

Concordance Search

I hope you will find this feature useful. Thank you for using WebTranslateIt.