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  1. We have been made aware that there is an Italian translation of the's FAQ page.
    Klaartje and myself were not aware that this existed.
    Is anyone able to provide this document?

  2. Liz Traducteur en italien ayant un droit de relecture total (incluant ses propres traductions)

    Hi, I translated the FAQs years ago. No, I don't have the document again, we passed it to but it was never used. I am still available to translate them.

  3. I wish I knew who it was sent to. I have never seen it and like Josie says, I did not know about it. It's also strange because the same technical limitation that exists today, existed then too, and makes it impossible to just translate the FAQs like we have translated the rest of the site. So now I'm wondering, because it sounds like someone promised that this document would be used but I can't imagine who would make such a promise.

  4. Liz Traducteur en italien ayant un droit de relecture total (incluant ses propres traductions)

    It was a long time ago, and honestly, I can't remember who they were sent to. I have checked through my emails, but I have changed my address through the years and there is nothing about BC FAQs. It was before the current translation site was set up, so I don't know what was going on at the time and how they would have been used for the original site.

  5. Thank you for checking. We at are thinking about ways to deal with this (the untranalatable FAQs), because we feel that it would be a big improvement to offer this information in different languages. So in the future, a solution may be found.

  6. Thank you for you input into this conversation Liz.
    I wonder if the FAQs were translated and given to the website, not webiste?
    From what I am told by Lucia Lanzoni, the FAQ translations were displayed on the website, BECAUSE they were not made available on the website.
    Unfortunately she tells me that she does not have a copy of them, nor access to them. She did infact point me in your direction to recover them Liz.

    I note::
    "The old site is archived. In the coming weeks we will try to put content back online that may still be useful."
    "Il vecchio sito è archiviato. Nelle prossime settimane cerchermo di rimettere online i contenuti che potrebbero ancora essere utili."
    Someone must still have access to the files and documents if the site has been archived (not deleted) including the translated FAQs.
    @Liz do you happen to know who the webmaster / site owner is? Perhaps you could ask them for a copy of them?

  7. Liz Traducteur en italien ayant un droit de relecture total (incluant ses propres traductions)

    Hi Josie,
    I am pretty sure that we worked on two different projects for and BC-Italy, as the latter was a support site so we would not use a full translation of the main site (for obvious reasons). I am sorry that this info about the FAQs translated caused havoc, it certainly was not my intention. We are talking of about 15 years ago when our collaboration with was made through private messages to a account and not a specific person. I have not much more recollection of what happened. I have - together with others - translated random things on request just to help the Italian community access the site easily. I have not kept those files, and we are also talking about at least 3 laptops ago.
    I do not (and never did) have access to the archive of BC-Italy, for this specific matter, you will have to talk to Lucia, even if I know there was a conversation about this going on in the background.
    I am afraid I cannot help you more than this on the matter. As said before, I am available to help in the future with the translation of the FAQs as much as I am still translating strings currently for

    I hope this helps.

  8. Thanks Liz.
    Please know that this is not your fault.
    Lucia has been the one to tell us that this was something we could recover from you, if that is not correct, then that is what it is.
    They have strongly requested that we make the FAQ translation available on the website - but ultimately, if we do not have it, that is not something we can do.
    If you know who the contact person is for the BC-Italy website, could you ask them? Or let me know who it is and I will happily make contact to ask the question.
    Thanks again for your speedy communication on this matter.