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  1. Thomas Malbaux French Translator with all proofreading rights

    Hello dear Portuguese-Brazil translation team!

    We received quite a lot of suggestions about the translation for the "pickup" term in Sharetribe marketplaces and I'd appreciate your insights.

    It is used as an opposite of a shipping method: customers can either receive an item via shipping or decide to pickup such item at the seller's place.

    A decent amount of people reported that in Brazil, "pegar" doesn't make sense here.
    Among the suggestion, "Levantar" or "Retirar no local" have been mentioned.

    What do you think? I'd be very interested to learn more about this: I don't know anything about the language so getting more details about the meaning of those options would be really helpful to figure this out.
    Can you help us?

    Thomas, Sharetribe.

  2. Gustavo Portuguese, Brazil Translator with all proofreading rights

    Hi Thomas,

    Probably "Levantar" can work in Portugal but not in Brazil. In my opinion "pegar" is a decent translation but "Retirar no Local" seems to be the best option.


  3. Thomas Malbaux French Translator with all proofreading rights

    Thanks, Gustavo!

    I'll go with "Retirar no local" right now but if others have opinion, feel free to share your insights :-)

    Thanks for your help!


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