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  1. Chika Japanese Translator with all proofreading rights

    Hello Thomas,
    In the case of “aaaa, bbbb” I translate with period after the sentence as “ああああ、びびびび。”
    If it is like “aaaa”, without period “ああああ”.

  2. Thomas Malbaux French Translator with all proofreading rights


    I'm not sure how it works in Japanese (I trust you with it ;-)) but if there is no period in english, no need to add it in your translation: it's either not necessary (like in a menu, sentences don't need period) or added somewhere else in the code (because it's a combination of sentences).

    I hope it's more clear.

  3. Pscepo Croatian Translator with no proofreading rights

    Croatian language: If this refers to the email address that has already been confirmed, than the translation should be "... potvrđena ..." instead of "...potvrđeno..."


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