Kansai dialect of the Japanese language

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  1. Vitalie Ciubotaru Romanian Translator with all proofreading rights


    As a translator and diaspora podmin located in Japan, I am interested in providing best D* experience to Japanese speaking users. Specifically, I would suggest adding a Kansai dialect (second widely used variation after Standard Japanese) to Diaspora.

    As of this writing, I have added ja-KS to Diaspora pod that I maintain and started translating the strings, using standard Japanese as a fallback. If the community finds it useful to have Kansai dialect added in the upstream, I would be happy to contribute my translations.

    Best regards,
    Vitalie Ciubotaru

  2. Jonne Haß Manager

    Sure, that sounds like a low hanging fruit to me (with the fallback the experience won't be worse than right now even with an incomplete translation).

    I created the language and added the fallback :)

  3. Vitalie Ciubotaru Romanian Translator with all proofreading rights

    Great. Thank you very much!

    Is is possible to invite other editors from Japanese translation team to join Kansai dialect?

  4. Jonne Haß Manager

    I'm a bit hesitant to just assume all of them are interested in collaborating. Do you have the "Email team" link on the users page? If so, maybe you could write them a nice message to ask them to request to join the team if they're interested in helping out :)