Our new Privacy and Security policies (GDPR)

By Edouard on May 24, 2018

Hi folks,

On May 25, new data privacy laws called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) take effect in the European Union. These laws provide consumers with more control over their personal data.

We agree with the idea of the GDPR for a safe and secure Internet. In fact, ever since the beginning of WebTranslateIt in 2009 we’ve always been collecting the least information possible about our users.
Regarding the personal data we do collect, we are committed to your right to privacy and to being transparent about how and why we store your data.

Here are the specifics of what we’ve done to comply with GDPR.

Privacy Policy

We’ve added a new Privacy Policy page. This page clarifies the types of information we collect, why we collect it, and how long data is stored.

Basically, we only collect your e-mail address and password, and if you choose to do so, an image and your name. The only caveat is that your name and image will be displayed on the people’s page of the projects you contribute to for other team members to see. Also your e-mail address will be visible to project managers on that page (so that they can contact you).

If you are a customer, we also collect your organization address, billing e-mail address, payment details, bank country, VAT number or Tax Identification number as we are legally required to do so.


We added a cookie notice to all marketing pages. We do not use any analytics software and only use cookies for technical reasons.


We have always allowed users to delete their user accounts by themselves. As usual, you can do this in your settings. When a user deletes their user account, all the work they contributed to (comments, translations) are anonymized (eg. “a deleted user translated this segment”).


Users can change their information stored on WebTranslateIt in their settings at any time.

Access and Portability

A user can request access to a copy of the personal data that we have collected. Users who wish to request portability can reach out to us at any time. As we work with language files, the easiest way for you is just to download your language files to import it to another tool compatible with your language files.

Updates to the website regarding privacy

We were previously running analytics on the blog and marketing pages and we are no longer doing that.

We were using Twitter and Facebook buttons on some pages of the website, and we replaced them with static buttons generated with the awesome SharingButtons.io.

List of sub-processors

As WebTranslateIt is a data processor, we are required to maintain a list of our sub-processors.

Data Protection Addendum

We’ve created a legal agreement that business users can request, promising the protection of all personally identifiable information and sensitive information that we collect and store. You can download this document here.

For more information about our privacy policies, please head over to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Security Policy pages.

Thank you so much for reading. Should you have any questions about our GDPR compliance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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