New features on WebTranslateIt

By Edouard on October 16, 2019

Hi there!

We haven’t been updating this blog regularly lately, because we’ve been working on compliances and features that can’t be seen and on larger features that can’t be released yet. We’ve also been adding smaller, new features and bug fixes. Here are a few of these features and changes that we released recently. In a nutshell: updated payment gateway with SCA support and SEPA Direct Debit for our European customers, updated machine translation APIs, updated file handlers and a new Team and Project cleanup feature.

Newer payment workflow and new payment method (SEPA Direct Debit)

First came the RGPD, and now the SCA.

SCA is another big thing for European web companies. It requires web companies based in Europe to verify their European customer’s bank cards using 3D Secure in order to verify their consent for payment. This extra mandatory step in the payment workflow required us to rewrite most of our payment pages. I’d like to think it’s for the best, because we are now using the latest version of Stripe’s tools and also because it allowed us to support payments by SEPA Direct Debit easily.

If you are a European customer and would like to pay by card, just update your payment method in your organization settings, right under the “Payment Method” tab.

Upgraded Microsoft Azure Translator to v3

We also upgraded our Microsoft Azure Translate from v2 to v3. This change should be seamless and invisible for you, however it is great to know that you are now running on the latest version of the API.

Microsoft .resx files now supports plural forms

We constantly deploy bug fixes or small improvements to our language files handler based on our customer’s feedback. Most of these changes are too small to be detailed here, but we released something new on our Microsoft .resx/.resw file handler.

Our Microsoft .resx file handler can now handle plural forms. Although they are not officially supported, you can use plural forms by using an external library such as PluralNet or ReswPlus. You will find in our documentation an example of .resx file with a plural form.

Users and Team cleanup

WebTranslateIt is around since 10 years now. This means that some of our users are simply not active anymore. We now monitor our e-mail bounce rate and flag some e-mail addresses as not deliverable, so we don’t send so many e-mails to unreachable recipients again.

We thought that knowing if a user can receive messages and is still active is interesting data for project managers, too. So we now show this information on the Team page or Project Users page for managers.

Users whose work e-mail address bounces back have probably left your company and won’t collaborate on your project anymore.

deleting obsolete users

Note that invitations to join translation projects are already automatically cleaned up. Invitations that haven’t been accepted in 3 months are automatically deactivated.

Stickers anyone?

We ❤ our users, and we have some stickers for you if you want to grab them. Just let us know and we’ll send you a few sticky dogs with its jetpack on your way! 😃

I hope you will like all these changes. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions, feedback or feature requests!

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