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All-in-one translation management system for continuous software localization.

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What can WebTranslateIt help you with?


Translation Project Management

No more sending and receiving Excel spreadsheets by e-mail.

  • Manage all your language files and assign translators to a language in one place.
  • Update your translation files whenever you need to.
  • Visualize the work progress in real-time.

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Software Translation

All the tools translators need to translate software are included.

  • Translate on an simple text editor designed for translating software.
  • Translate faster using the dictionary, glossary, Translation Memory and Machine Translation services.

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You’re the one setting the pace

WebTranslateIt follows your own workflow.

Continuous localization or agile localization?

Our answer is: Whatever works for you!

You can use WebTranslateIt to run Continuous Localization. Continuous Localization is the idea that the translation process is never ending and your content continuously ready for a release. It means that you might end up with untranslated segments on your app, but that’s fine, because you’re releasing updates often and that will be fixed on the next release.

If you prefer you can also use WebTranslateIt to run an Agile Localization process. Agile Localization is a process composed of 3 phases that repeat themselves: development mini-sprint, release in source language parallel to the mini-sprint of translation to target languages, release in target languages — then back to development mini-sprint and so on.

Over 40 different file formats supported

We support over 40 different file formats and all the major frameworks and platforms. So if you use ruby, python, iOS, Android, C++, Java, node, react, i18next, ... you’re covered. We are also adapting to evolving technologies and regularly implementing new file formats.

Localization that runs along your team’s progress

WebTranslateIt is a localization platform that will allow your translation team to accompany your developers’ work without slowing it down by automating content updates and routine tasks.

Develop, translate, deploy — repeat. As easy as that.

WebTranslateIt follows your own workflow.
WebTranslateIt helps you go global.

We help hundreds of customers go global and make an impact. Read how WebTranslateIt can help you go global.

Carbon Neutral, Made and Hosted in the European Union

Our servers are hosted in the Netherlands in a carbon-neutral datacenter. We also offset all our carbon footprint, as well as our employee’s footprint using the Goodplanet foundation. Read more about our carbon-neutrality.
WebTranslateIt is also developped and hosted in the European Union 🇪🇺. Our company is based in Spain and our servers are based in the Netherlands. All the external services we use are also based in the European Union.