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  1. Logo of Open Outcast
    Open Outcast
    Fan-made sequel to Outcast.
  2. Logo of auth-pat-ui
  3. Logo of my_ali_bot
  4. Logo of Metatogger
    Metatogger est un éditeur de tags dont la force est d'avoir su concilier puissance et simplicité. Il prend en charge les fichie...
  5. Logo of Eaternity App
    Eaternity App
    Our CO₂ Calculator should be open to the public and in as many languages as possible! : ) This project manages all static Us...
  6. Logo of MyHitchhikingSpots for Android
    MyHitchhikingSpots for Android
    Hitchwiki app MHS. Collaborate translating into your native language!
  7. Logo of Human Markdown Reference
    Human Markdown Reference
    A human-readable Markdown reference you can include in your projects. See it in action [here](https://webtranslateit.com/mar...
  8. Logo of Echosync
    Echosync est un logiciel portable, simple et rapide de sauvegarde de fichiers, procédant par synchronisation différentielle de ...
  9. Logo of AlbinoMouse
    AlbinoMouse is a responsive WordPress theme with a clean and flat design.
  10. Logo of Bibliography Helper
    Bibliography Helper
    This is an Android app that creates academic citations in three formats (MLA, APA, Chicago) based on the information the user i...
  11. Logo of numo@stexsy.com
  12. Logo of Tarabanya
  13. Logo of Viz
    Video downloader for Android
  14. Logo of Procon 2 Peeler
    Procon 2 Peeler
    Procon 2 "Peeler" Front-End
  15. Logo of Elven Steam Tools
    Elven Steam Tools
  16. Logo of Ubuntu Start page
    Ubuntu Start page
    This is simply a replacement homepage for Ubuntu installations. It provides additional help, links and search options. It is de...
  17. Logo of SpaceShip
    Hello, thanks for helping us with the translations. Please take care of not writing to long words or they may not fit the button
  18. Logo of joomla-core
  19. Logo of Sun Explorer
    Sun Explorer
    Translation project of Sun Explorer app. This app uses also texts located in Sun Explorer translation project, so if you are...
  20. Logo of European Resistance Archive (ERA)
    European Resistance Archive (ERA)
    The European Resistance Archive is a space in which individual stories of people having resisted against the terror, humiliatio...
  21. Logo of MND Reader Frontend
    MND Reader Frontend
  22. Logo of Chinko Project
    Chinko Project
  23. Logo of JourneyMaker
  24. Logo of Spy Toolkit
    Spy Toolkit
    A kids app that has various spy themed features.
  25. Logo of Ingredients and Recipes - App'etite for Change
    Ingredients and Recipes - App'etite for Change
    Our CO₂ Calculator should be open to the public and in as many languages as possible! : ) To help translate, click the "Tra...