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  1. Logo of tv
  2. Logo of Beetight
  3. Logo of Gibberfish User Documentation
    Gibberfish User Documentation
    Gibberfish, Inc is a 501(c)(3) US nonprofit which provides free cloud tools to activists and human rights defenders.
  4. Logo of Open Charge Map
    Open Charge Map
    Open Charge Map is a non-commercial, non-profit, electric vehicle charging location data service hosted and supported by a comm...
  5. Logo of xabber classic
    xabber classic
    Classic version of Xabber (version 0.9.30x)
  6. Logo of JoomFish
    JoomFish is the localization and multilingual content management extension for the CMS Joomla.
  7. Logo of Xabber
    Main version of Xabber (1.x)
  8. Logo of Gyro
    An application to detect Virtual Reality compatibility of phones. There are a lot of sensor names in the list.
  9. Logo of CalcKit: All-in-One Calculator
    CalcKit: All-in-One Calculator
  10. Logo of intelliphone
    Localising Intelliphone
  11. Logo of Chatterbox
    Chatterbox is a flexible, easy-to-use Minecraft chat plugin. Simple, elegant, powerful.
  12. Logo of Bright TODO
    Bright TODO
    Android application translate project
  13. Logo of Geocaching Logbook generator
    Geocaching Logbook generator
    Geocaching Logbook generator
  14. Logo of Pedometer Plus - Android App
    Pedometer Plus - Android App
  15. Logo of Dilmot Backend
    Dilmot Backend
  16. Logo of Pencil2D
  17. Logo of Wow activity
    Wow activity
    Status updates for blizzards world of warcraft characters
  18. Logo of CoinKeeper iPhone description
    CoinKeeper iPhone description
  19. Logo of Countdown for Dashclock
    Countdown for Dashclock
    A DashClock extension that will count the days, hours, and minutes until an event.
  20. Logo of Metatogger
    Metatogger est un éditeur de tags dont la force est d'avoir su concilier puissance et simplicité. Il prend en charge les fichie...
  21. Logo of Echosync
    Echosync est un logiciel portable, simple et rapide de sauvegarde de fichiers, procédant par synchronisation différentielle de ...
  22. Logo of myDrumPad
    myDrum Pad is a multi-touch drum pad for the iPad and iPhone that lets you play out beats, drums, hi-hats, guitar strums and ot...
  23. Logo of l10n20120108
    Helpdesk strings - 20120108 Please follow these instructions: 1. Zendesk software files will be encoded in UTF-8. Please...
  24. Logo of Hashapass web
    Hashapass web
  25. Logo of Hashapass Android
    Hashapass Android