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  1. Marc Theunissen Dutch Translator with all proofreading rights

    I am assuming the words to enter are exactly as they appear between quotation marks, i.e. the English tags from the database file, rather than their translations. Correct?

  2. Marlonb Manager

    Yes, you're right, these are the field names.

  3. Stéphane HUC Manager

    Mémo : ne pas traduire le nom des champs anglais. Ils apparaissent tels quels dans la base de donnée SQLite et doivent être restitué tels quels dans le fichier KML
    Si par erreur, ils sont traduits, cela "faussera" l'information source.


  1. <span>Enter "locality" next to <strong>DescriptionField</strong>.</span><br><span>Enter "territory_number" next to <strong>NameField</strong>.</span>
    <span>Enter "locality" next to <strong>DescriptionField</strong>.</span><br><span>Enter "territory_number" next to <strong>NameField</strong>.</span>
    changed via the API .
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