Translate NSIS .nsh files

What are .nsh files?

Nsh files are language files used to localize scriptable install dialogs for Windows applications. The file extension is .nsh. It is developped by Nullsoft, the creators of Winamp.

WebTranslateIt can help localize Microsoft .rc files.

.nsh file example

; -----------------------------------------------------------
; general

LangString CAPTION ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Prey Configurator"
LangString SUBCAPTION ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Settings for Prey"

LangString BRANDING_TEXT ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Prey Configurator"
LangString HEADER_TEXT ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Open source anti-theft solution. Payback time."

LangString ABORT_WARNING ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Are you sure you want to quit? Settings will not be saved."

; -----------------------------------------------------------
; pages

LangString WELCOME_DESC ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Welcome to the Prey Configurator! Please choose your destiny."

LangString SETUP_REPORTS_OPTION ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Setup reporting method"
LangString SETUP_REPORTS_SUMMARY ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Define the way that Prey will communicate and send the report to you."

LangString CHANGE_SETTINGS_OPTION ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Manage Prey settings"
LangString CHANGE_SETTINGS_SUMMARY ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Change the running delay or activate specific features."

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