Translate PHP files for Laravel

What are PHP for Laravel files?

PHP files for Laravel are PHP files containing an Array used as language files to localize Laravel apps.

WebTranslateIt is a software localization platform that can help localize Laravel .php files.

PHP Laravel file example

# Some copyright comments
return array(
    'welcome' => 'Welcome to our application',
    'nested' => array(
        'key' => 'value',
        'nested' => array(
            'key' => 'value',
            'key2' => 'value2',


  • Copyright comments will be left intact at the top of the file
  • Keys and values can be single quoted or double quoted.
  • If a string is single quoted, single quotes must be escaped.
  • If a string is double quoted, double quotes must be escaped.
  • The PHP closing tag ?> is optional. If no PHP closing tag is present when importing a file WebTranslateIt will generate files without a closing tag.
  • Plural segments are loosely supported. Due to how plural forms are implemented by the Laravel framework we think it’s best to import them as singular segments. It will be up to the translator to determine which plural rules exist on their languages.

More Information

Magic Comments

This file handler support the following magic comments:

  • Comments containing [MAXCHAR=xx] will set a max character limit to xx. Example: // [MAXCHAR=20]
  • Comments containing [LABEL=xxxx] will assign the label to xxxx. Example: // [LABEL=new feature]

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