Haskell app internationalization and localization

Haskell is a functional (that is, everything is done with function calls), statically, implicitly typed (types are checked by the compiler, but you don’t have to declare them), lazy (nothing is done until it needs to be) language.


Haskell applications are usually translated these file formats

Best way to localize Haskell apps

The first step is to extract the text to translate into language files. This process is called internationalization. The library mcfilib/i18n can be used to extract out the text to translate into Gettext .po files.

Once you have internationalized your Haskell app, use a translation software localization tool such as WebTranslateIt to manage your localization workflow.

It is easy to translate a Haskell app with WebTranslateIt. Create a project, upload your source language file in the File Manager and translate it on the Translation Interface.

The tools included in WebTranslateIt, such as Batch Operations, the Translation Memory or Machine Translation can help you translate that file automatically, faster and cost effectively.

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